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topsy turvy world

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You are living in a topsy-turvy world. The President of the United States, whose base was religious fundamentalists, corporations, and neo-cons have occupied Iraq. His administration doctored intelligence to show that Saddam Hussein was an immanent threat with ties to terrorism and WMD. President Bush. And Cheney, and Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz and Pearl and Rove, oh don’t forget Rove, and their multitudes. The want to bring the Rapture, the evangelical right wing Christian Paradise, the apocalypse, the world to come. Just like in the “Left Behind” series of scifi books where Christians are redeemed and others and killed. It is strikingly similar to Jewish and Muslim eschatological views. In the Left Behind version, the Jews who don’t convert are killed, like Abraham might have, or as Jesus was, as a sacrifice to atone. Will God provide the lamb for slaughter to save the people of Israel. What if you saw it all, and tried to warn people, but they wouldn’t listen? Jews are being plotted against by Edom! Open your eyes! The Jews are very concentrated in two population centers—Israel and New York. Bring all the Jews to Israel, give them a state, and then create such unrest in the Middle East, that violence explodes on the streets, and the once secular dictatorship of Iraq gets turned into a terrorist training ground. We are in trouble! If America leaves Iraq, Israel will have to depend on Jordan and Egypt to buffer them from the terrorist right-wing hoards. If they do not pull out, the area will be a war machine for at least several generations. The Zohar says that we are in the sixth millennium, when yemot hemasiach is drawing close. Could we achieve an apocalypse with no one having to die? Could there be some sort of compromise? Maybe no one has to die. There is such thing as truth and goodness and justice. Whether you choose to pay attention to it or not there is such thing as evil. One who destroys a life destroys an entire universe. They have destroyed so many lives. The Messianic age in my opinion is at time of peace.

Are George Bush et. Al. trying to bring about the Rapture? Maybe some of them, while others (perhaps like Cheney?) are in it for the profit, or out of some kind of twisted sense of obligation to an

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